Sunday, 1 March 2009


Hi.I have been given this award from the lovely KAREN( AND MAZ ( thankyou both of you so much for thinking of me.It's nice to know my card's are enjoyed by other's.

The rules are you have to nominate 10 other blogs and say wh they've been nominated.And leave a comment on their blog.

Add their links

Add the link to the person who nomianted you

So here are my 10 in no paerticular order...

1.CLARE( i just love clare's style and her new signature range is fab fab fab!!!

2.BEV ( Well what can i say bev's card's are simply stunning!!!

3.MINA( Only recently discovered Mina's blog and i love it!!!

4.TAB( I always look forward to seeing Tab's new creations,she's fills me with inspiration and envy lol!

5.JOEY( Joey make's super duper card's!!!

6.CARYN( Caryn's card's are amazing and she is a truly talented lady!!!She also leave's me lots of encouragement thankyou Caryn!!!

7.SARAH( I was blown over the first time i saw one of sarah's cards,they are absolutely gorgeous!!!She is also the most helpful blogger i know, thankyou sarah for taking the time to help.

8.BECKY( Becky is my oldest and dearest crafty buddy!I love my craft sessions with her!Her cards are truly fab and she has such a unique style only she can pull off!

9.DAWN( I love dawn's card all pink and girly just i how like it!

10.NATALIE( I love nat' style... simple and stunning!


Natalie said...

Thank you so much for thinking of me.

Natalie x

Bev said...

Ccongrats on your award honey, and thanks so much for passing it on to me xx

Caryn said...

Thank you Amanda. I am so touched to get this from you.

Caryn xxx

Clare said...

Thank you for such a lovely award Amanda! Your words mean so much to me, I really appreciate it!

Love, Clare x