Thursday, 28 February 2013


Good Afternoon!
Sorry it's taken me so log to post another card but it was half term last week and we had a lovely week with the boys. We went to the cinema to see Wreck it Ralph, took them bowling, ice skating and played badminton and since the weekend both the boys have been ill so not had time to blog and I have so many cards to share!!! So I thought I would start with a card I made a few weeks ago with the new Riverbank Revels collection from Trimcraft. Regulars may notice the style is very different from what I usually do I like to have a change every now then as I get bored lol.
I think this little fella is so cute! :)
Thanks for stopping by xx

Friday, 15 February 2013


Good Afternoon!
Thought it was about time I posted a card :)
Sorry about the rubbish pic(had a new camera and not used to it yet- my old one broke which is why I've not blogged). Hopefully the next one will be better :/
Sorry about the short post but I'm off out in a bit to play badminton with the boys and I really wanted to post my card.
Thanks for stopping by shall be back soon once I've taken pics of all the cards I've made(there is ALOT!!!) lol
Have a great weekend!
Amanda x